The "Tower of David" (left) - an abandoned skyscraper in Caracas that was originally intended to be an office building, but became a "vertical slum" illegally occupied since 2007 - on Aug. 6, 2014. 

GlobalPost's Girish Gupta was on the ground in Caracas, Venezuela ahead of Sunday's monumental elections for our "A Friday In" series. 

After showing off breathtaking views of the city and chowing down on a $60 omlette (worth so much thanks in part to a "troubled economy") Gupta turned his sights to the presidential elections, the "toughest yet" for Chavez, the country's leader since 1999. Gupta braved monsoons to bring us to the 23 de enero barrio, the epicenter for so-called "Chavistas." 

Stay tuned over the weekend for GlobalPost's election coverage. 

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Pangea interviews GlobalPost about the series.

See Gupta's tweets below.

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