Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe's motorcade in yet another fatal accident


Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe arrives in his motorcade for the opening of the third session of the parliament in Harare on July 13, 2010.



JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Robert Mugabe's motorcade has been involved in another deadly accident, the fourth in less than six months.

A police motorcyclist in the Zimbabwean president's convoy burned to death after crashing into a truck in Harare on Wednesday, the state-run Herald newspaper reported.

The website New Zimbabwe said Mugabe's armored Mercedes limousine drove past the crash shortly after it happened.

Mugabe’s motorcade is thought to be one of the longest in Africa, averaging a dozen vehicles and often including an ambulance and an army truck loaded with soldiers toting AK-47s.

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In June, the motorcade killed one person and injured 15 others on the Robert Mugabe Highway, near the president's rural home town of Zvimba. 

It was the third crash involving "Bob Mugabe and the Wailers," as his motorcade is known because of its screaming sirens, in just two weeks.

Police VIP protection spokesman Martin Mbokochena blamed the June crashes on "some unruly elements in society who want to disturb," and told the Herald that the police protection unit would be carrying out awareness campaigns to educate motorists to respect official motorcades.

“Creating a traffic jungle affects movement of our leadership. It is very important as a nation to respect our leadership when passing,” Mbokochena said at the time.

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