Miguel Cabrera plays is the third baseman for the Detroit Tigers. (Photo: Cbl62/Wikipedia)

The 'Triple Crown' isn't just a horse racing thing. It's also what a baseball player wins when he ends up tops in his league for batting avarege, RBIs and homers. And Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers just finished the regular-season leading the American League in all three of those categories. Cabrera is the first player to clinch the Triple Crown since 1967 and the first Latino to do so ever. It is a huge deal for baseball fans everywhere, including those in Cabrera's native Venezuela. And for the Geo Quiz, we are looking for the place in Venezuela where he is he from? It's near the Caribbean coast and is the capital of Aragua state. Maracay, Venezuela is the answer to the Geo Quiz and the hometown of Miguel Cabrera. Anchor Marco Werman talks to the BBC's Sarah Grainger about the reaction in Venezuela. Grainger says Venezuelans are very proud of their baseball stars and of Cabrera in particular.

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