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Here's why you shouldn't be a tourist in China this week


Crowds jam inside the Forbidden City in central Beijing, 02 May 2007. China's 'Golden Week' holidays have turned into logistical nightmares as millions of people take off at the same time — leading to calls for change from a growing number of economists.


Teh Eng Koon

We're currently in the middle of what is known as "Golden Week," a week that mainland Chinese like to travel home or go on vacation (hence the crazy images we brought you last week of huge traffic jams on China's intercity motorways).

More than 85 million people are thought to hit the roads, and many of those people end up at some of China's great tourist destinations, such as the Great Wall of China.

If you're planning a trip to the Great Wall, this week may be a good one to avoid. As a photo posted yesterday to Weibo shows, things got a little crowded.

For more views of the crowds, check here and here.

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