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Kara Alongi, the missing girl who hoaxed Twitter, has been found safe


Kara Alongi



A New Jersey teenager who launched a Twitter hoax before running away from home has been found safe, the Associated Press reported. Police spotted her walking on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike and took her to the hospital. She was then released and reunited with her worried family. Police are still trying to figure out why Alongi disappeared for 46 hours. 

On Sunday Alongi tweeted: "There is somone in my hour ecall 911." And when her parents returned home, she was gone. They called the police to report that she was missing, and Twitter users soon stepped in to help. 

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Her tweet was re-posted by users over 35,000 times and the phrase #helpfindkara went viral. She has amassed over 109,000 followers so far. 

But after strangers banded together for the common good, they realized that they had been played. Police on Monday found no evidence of a break-in and also found that she had called a taxi company before disappearing.