For our Geo Quiz we're trying flag down a Hopper. There are lots of transportation options available in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. You can glide along in a canal boat, or take a high speed train out to Schiphol airport, or just pedal around the city like Amsterdam commuters do most days. But there's yet another mode of transport that Lawrence van der Laan would like you to know about called the Hopper. It's bright green and comes with a driver, like a taxi. Top speed is just 15 miles an hour but it's quiet. And you can flag one down outside Amsterdam's main train station. So can you guess what a hopper is? Or — more to the point — can you name Amsterdam's landmark transportation hub pictured here – where trains, taxis, and now hoppers are waiting to take you away? The answer to our Geo Quiz is Amsterdam's Centraal Station. Laurence van der Laan, a manager at the Hopper taxi company tells The World about the green taxi, electric scooter service that's just launched. If you wonder what it would be like to ride a scooter around Amsterdam, this video should help:

Meet the Hopper, an electric scooter taxi in Amsterdam (Photo: Hopper)

Amsterdam's Centraal Station (Photo: Wiki)

Hop on, hop off! (Photo:Hopper)

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