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Pumpkin weighing 1 ton is largest fruit ever grown


Stella (L), 10, and her sister Maike, 8, choose from Festival pumpkins at the Buschmann and Winkelmann pumpkin farm in Beelitz, Germany. Oct. 9, 2011.


Sean Gallup

A Rhode Island pumpkin-grower has set a new world record for the world’s heaviest pumpkin, The Associated Press reported. Weighing 2,009 pounds, it is also the largest fruit ever grown, according to the Boston Globe.

Ron Wallace won an orange ribbon, the $5,500 first prize and a $10,000 bonus that Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts had offered to the first grower to break the 1-ton mark, the AP reported.

Wallace is a well-known grower who was the first person to grow a pumpkin weighing 1,500 pounds, the Boston Globe reported.

According to the Boston Globe:

Until recently, many considered a ton to be an impossibility. Some thought the structure of the pumpkin could not support the weight; others thought it simply impossible to grow 2,000 pounds in one growing season, starting from a single tiny seed.

Wallace’s pumpkin made history at the Topsfield Fair pumpkin weigh-off just one day after a pumpkin at the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire had set the world record at 1,843.5 pounds, the Boston Globe reported.

And Wallace is not done for the season. Next Saturday, he’s taking a pumpkin he suspects is even heavier to a weigh-off at Frerichs Farm in Warren, R.I., the Boston Globe reported.

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