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Missing girl hoax sparks Twitter panic


Kara Alongi



Kara Alongi is a 16-year-old from New Jersey who currently has over 98,000 followers on Twitter. Normally she tweets lovely messages such as "What's wrong with your face?" or "your a fat slut. so die." But last night she posted a far more disturbing message: "There is somone in my hour ecall 911."  

Kara was alone in her family's home when she wrote that tweet. But when her parents returned home later that evening, they couldn't find her. Thinking she had gone missing, her parents called the police to report a burglary and a missing person, the Star-Ledger reported. Strangers then tried to help her family through twitter, turning the hashtag #helpfindkara into a national trend, the New York Daily News reported. Police were dispatched to the home. 

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But police found no evidence of a break-in. Then they called a local taxi company and found that someone matching Kara's description and address had called a local cab and asked to be dropped off at a train station. Now police say that the break-in was probably a hoax, and the case is being investigated as that of a runaway juvenile, the Star-Ledger reported. 

Prosecutors have announced that Kara will not be in trouble for causing a panic, and that everyone just wants to see her return home safely, the Associated Press reported. She has not been found yet.