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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO, gives birth to baby boy — due back at work next week


One of Fortune's most powerful women, Google VP Marissa Mayer, was nominated Monday to Wal-Mart's board of directors.


Jemal Countess

Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer has given birth to a baby boy.

Mayer's husband, Zachary Bogue, posted in his Twitter feed:

The couple has not yet chosen a name, Anne Espiritu, a spokeswoman for Yahoo, wrote in an email to Bloomberg. Mayer and the baby are healthy, she said.

Mayer was appointed CEO of the struggling web portal in July, when already six months pregnant.

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She will continue to head up the company, working remotely, with plans to return to the office in one to two weeks, Espiritu reportedly said.

Mayer told Fortune in July that her maternity leave would be brief.

When asked whether Yahoo’s directors had expressed concern about hiring a pregnant chief executive, she said: "They showed their evolved thinking."

The 37-year-old engineer and former Google executive is ranked No. 14 on the magazine’s list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in its latest edition, whose cover she graces.

Aside from new motherhood, her challenges include reversing "three years of declining revenue and market share losses to Facebook and her former employer, Google," Bloomberg wrote.

As a Google executive, Mayer helped develop the company's home page and maps products.