Obama leads Romney in conservative Rand poll, same as other national polls


US President Barack Obama



The conservative Rand Corporation's latest poll has President Barack Obama leading GOP rival Mitt Romney, 50.3 percent to 43.2 percent, a 7-point spread.

The new poll did something a bit different and still seemed to come up with the same results of other national presidential polls.

Over the past week, as Romney fell further behind in multiple polls by Gallup, the New York Times, CBS News and a number of other mainstream media organizations, Republicans have alleged that the polls are biased.

According to the Rand poll, Romney and Obama "were in a pitched race up through the Democratic National Convention, and then the incumbent took the lead and the Republican nominee began to fall behind—much the same as in other national polls." the Los Angeles Times reported.

“If you look at where we are and where we started, it seems to be pretty consistent with what you see in every other poll,” Rand economist Ariel Katelyn told the Times.

Rand's 2012 Presidential Election Poll asked its "3,500 participants has answered questions on a weekly basis -- but staggered [it] so that one-seventh of the results come in every day."

This was a way to see if they might get different results.

The Rand poll found the two presidential rivals running in a near dead head until Sept. 7, the day after the Democratic National Convention, when former President Bill Clinton took the stage in a popular speech, the Los Angeles Times wrote.