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Inkjet printer sales halted as Kodak winds down business

Kodak will stop selling inkjet printers as the company scales back products and services.


Kevork Djansezian

Kodak announced Friday that it would stop selling inkjet printers by 2013.

Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and already said that it would stop making cameras next year.

GlobalPost has reported that the photo printing company, which invented the digital camera, has had to scale back operations after ceding its various businesses to aggressive competitors.

In a bid to raise funds, Kodak has sought buyers for a portfolio of patents.

The Wall Street Journal said that the company's move will force it to focus on selling large, commercial printing machines.

The Journal pointed out that Kodak only sells about two dozen of the machines per year - a dramatic decline for a company that was once the king of the photography business.

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The company will still sell ink for its old printers as well.

In more bad news for Kodak, it said that it would be cutting an extra 200 jobs on top of the 1000 announced last month.

Reuters pointed out that the company that once employed more than 60,000 people, will now have a workforce of 13,100.

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