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Human hamster wheel to cross Irish Sea (VIDEO)


Chrid Todd takes his human hamster wheel, a.k.a. the Tredalo, for a practice run.


The Sun

British adventurer Chris Todd, 35, is going to attempt to walk 66 miles across the Irish Sea for two days non-stop.

But he doesn't think he can walk on water. According to the Daily Mail, he plans to make the 48-hour journey across open water in a human hamster wheel that he calls a Tredalo. The metal wheel will be powered by Todd walking on wire mesh, with two floats on either side to act as stabilizers.

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"The Irish Sea crossing is on the very edge of what I believe is possible," Todd told the Daily Mail. "But I am looking forward to a cold Guinness on arrival."

Todd has worked to build his wheel in his garden with his wife and friends for nearly a year, reported the Huffington Post. In order to keep the Tredalo turning on the water for the two-day trip, he will need to burn 36,000 calories, which is equal to what is spent during almost three weeks of exercise. Todd will also have to drink about 30 liters of water and eat about 60 chocolate bars.

"It will be like running 10 back-to-back marathons," he said.

And he's doing it all for charity. According to The Australian, Todd hopes to raise $32,000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the Wiltshire Blind Association.