"First Bavarian beer of the day. The lions and blue & white check are both regional symbols."
Credit: Jessica Phelan

As part of the GlobalPost Twitter series, "A Friday In ...," GlobalPost's Jessica Phelan spent her day making the rounds at Munich's famed Oktoberfest. Phelan taught us some new vocabulary — like "mitfahrgelegenheit," German for "a very organized form of hitchhiking" — and reinforced some of our fondest German stereotypes. Lederhosen, anyone?

But she also showed us that Oktoberfest isn't solely focused on brew.

"It's also a giant fun fair," Phelan tweeted. "Which is why there are so many kids here. I hope."

GlobalPost's Twitter feed showcases the voices and personal experiences of our correspondents based around the world each week. A different correspondent takes over the @GlobalPost account each Friday and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.

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Pangea interviews GlobalPost about the series.

See Phelan's tweets below.


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