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Missing finger is found inside fish


Hans Galassi lost his fingers while wakeboarding.



As fisherman Nolan Calvin was gutting a trout, he found something odd inside of the trout's stomach: a human finger. He called detectives, who took fingerprints and matched them to Haans Galassi, a 31-year-old from Colbert, Washington, the Associated Press reported

A sheriff then gave Galassi a call. "I was like: Let me guess, they found my fingers in a fish," Galassi told The Spokesman-Review.

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Galassi lost his fingers this summer while wakeboarding with friends on Priest Lake. His hand got caught in the towline that connects the wakeboard to the boat, and in seconds the rope tightened and sliced off four of his fingers. “I pulled my hand out of the water, I looked down and all four fingers were basically gone,” Galassi the told ABC News. “It was carnage. It looked like a ‘Braveheart’ movie. It was just flesh and bone.”

It appears that a trout then found one of the fingers and swallowed it whole. The finger remains in "remarkably good condition," Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Gary Johnston told The Spokesman. It's in such good condition, in fact, that the Sheriff asked Galassi if he wanted it back. Galassi declined. “I’m like, uhhh, I’m good,” Galassi told the The Spokesman. He has been regaining use of his hand through physical therapy.