A student apparently committed suicide by shooting himself before classes started Wednesday at an Oklahoma junior high school.

A school resource officer heard a gunshot shortly before 8 a.m., reported the Associated Press. The student was found dead in a hallway, police Capt. Randy Dickerson said.

According to the Stillwater NewsPress, the victim was 13-year-old Cade Poulos.

"It doesn't appear that anyone else was in danger or threatened," Dickerson told the AP.

The International Business Times reported that the incident took place at Stillwater Junior High School. Classes were cancelled after the shooting at both the junior high school and a nearby elementary school, and parents were told to pick up their kids at a nearby shopping center. The school also sent out a statement letting parents know about the "single shooting incident" and telling them all students and staff had been moved to a safe location.

Kenny Monday told the AP that he'd just dropped off his son, Kennedy, when he heard about the shooting. Monday said his son heard the gunshot but did not see the shooting.

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"It's so sad that the kid lost his life, but we're just glad he didn't shoot anyone else," Monday said to the AP.

"Everyone thought it was a joke at first," ninth-grader Ashlyn Lundholm told the NewsPress. "Then I heard people screaming. Then we went to lockdown for 35 to 40 minutes."

"I saw him on the ground," eighth-grader Aaron Veselak, who allegedly witnessed the shooting, also said to the NewsPress. "There was blood all around his head."

Grief counselors have been made available for students and teachers.

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