Anti-union Wisconsin governor supports unionized NFL refs

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.


Alex Wong

Football apparently trumps politics in Wisconsin.

Viewed as the nation's most anti-union governor by labor activists, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker surprised some when he tweeted his support of unionized NFL  referees after this week's controversial Monday Night Football game.

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"After catching a few hours sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful. #Returntherealrefs," Walker tweeted Tuesday morning.

Packers fans, players and coaches are fuming after a Hail Mary pass thrown in the final seconds by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was intercepted by Packers safety M.D. Jennings but ruled a touchdown by replacement referees, costing Green Bay a victory.

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The questionable call only inflamed criticism of the replacement refs, and Walker is apparently no exception.

What's ironic is Walker made national headlines last year when he went after public employee unions in Wisconsin, limiting their bargaining power, The Associated Press reported.

Walker's spokesperson tried to spin the comments, but some Twitter users were not amused.

"So you PRO-union now?" one wrote in response to Walker's tweet. "Here's what hiring low-wage scabs gets you."

"Really!?! You hypocritical FOOL," wrote another. "Your attack on unions gives businesses the ability to hire unqualified employees."

The NFL stood by the call Tuesday, but admitted the referees missed a pass interference penalty that would have negated the touchdown.

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