Syria rebels bomb school in Damascus

Rebel groups said a Damascus school, near a branch of Military Intelligence, was bombed because it was being used as a base by a pro-government militia and security forces.

The two groups said it had been almost completely destroyed, killing several officers, but officials told state TV it was actually a school for the children of military families and the damage had been minor, according to BBC News.

Abu Hisham al-Shami, an activist based in Damascus, told the Associated Press that the "Sons of Martyrs School" had been turned into a regime security center and that government forces used the school as a base to fire mortars.

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The Los Angeles Times reported that dozens of Syrian army officers and government militiamen were killed, and that the attack specifically targeted a security meeting, leading to the high number of casualties.

The LA Times also noted, however, that the government downplayed the attack. Army Maj. Gen. Mohammad Amin Osman Mahmoud said that two explosive devices were detonated inside the school, injuring seven people and causing minor damage.

According to the AP, school director Mohammed Amin Othman said no students were at the boarding school Monday as it will open next week.