Brazil driver rescued after truck left hanging over a bridge (VIDEO)


It took 25 minutes for driver Aguinaldo da Silva to be rescued.



SÃO PAULO, Brazil -- A truck driver in southern Brazil had a Houdini-like escape when his vehicle skidded over the guard rail as he crossed a bridge linking the states of São Paulo and Paraná.

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Driver Aguinaldo da Silva was driving his truck without any cargo over Chavantes bridge, which connects the two south-eastern states, when he lost control after a car stopped abruptly in front of him, reported The Telegraph. Da Silva was rescued from the truck 25 minutes after the accident by passers-by who used a rope to pull him up from his cabin.

According to BBC News, he escaped uninjured, but efforts to rescue the truck on Sunday had to be put on hold.

"The bridge began to shake and there were fears that it would collapse," said Valcir Machado, from local website, which broke the news.

BBC also reported that traffic at the 1500m-long (0.9 mile) Chavantes bridge -- which goes over a big dam on the border between the two states -- has been suspended since the Saturday afternoon accident.

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