Unusual ancient tombs found in Philippine jungle


Hanging coffins of the Sagada people, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.


Wikimedia Commons

An ancient village that could be over 1000-years-old has been found in the Philippines, complete with stone tombs unlike any others previously found in the island nation. 

Associated Press reports that scientists found the ancient village on Mount Kamhantik in Quezon province, and first began excavating last year. 

What's different about this ancient settlement?

These ancient Filipinos buried their dead in rectangular graved carved out of limestone outcroppings, indicating they had more advanced technology than was previously believed, says AP, using metal tools to work the stone. 

Ancient Filipinos were only known to use wooden coffins before this most recent discovery was made. 

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The excavation, taking place near the small town of Mulaney, is likely to promise more interesting discoveries,archeologists told AP. 

The tombs aren't the only curious burial practices practiced in the Philippines: there's also the famous hanging coffins of Sagada in the island nation's Echo Valley, where local people traditionally elevate the coffins of their dead on rocky cliffs. 

However, Radio Netherlands reports that the archeological site has been thoroughly picked over by tomb raiders, who removed many of the human remains and valuable artifacts from the limestone tombs. T

The ancient Balinese also used stone sarcophagi to bury their dead, as evidenced by this video.