Russian drunk driver kills 7 teens at Moscow bus stop


Victims lie under emergency blankets on a street in Moscow on September 22, 2012. A drunken man racing at 125 miles per hour through Moscow traffic killed seven teens after slamming into a bus stop and dragging it a part of the way down the block.



Seven people are dead and three people injured after a drunk driver crashed into a bus stop in Moscow, Russia today.

The man, whose license was suspended in 2010 for DUI, was driving an estimated 125 mph, Reuters reported.

"As a result of a test that was conducted, it was determined that at the time of the accident the driver was in a state of alcoholic intoxication," Moscow police said on their website, according to Reuters.

The 29-year-old man faces nine years in jail if convicted.

The Daily Mail reported that the dead were all teens.

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Police are also investigating the man for drug use.

He slammed into the bus stop, carrying it down the street before finally coming to a stop, AFP said. reported the man as Alexander Maximov, a married father with one son whose wife had just left him.

He had just received his license again after an 18-month suspension and had been drinking heavily, his neighbor told

The website showed Maximov with what appeared to be a head injury.

Lifenews also said Maximov's passenger, another 29-year-old man, survived.

The dead are three boys and four girls, although some reports suggest they weren't all teens.

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