Israel, Egypt border clash leaves 3 dead


Female and male soldiers from the Caracal battalion check their weapons before their evening patrol June 12, 2007 along the Israeli-Egyptian border north of Eilat.


David Silverman

Three are dead and two wounded after Israeli soldiers clashed with armed insurgents at a border crossing in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula today, the Israeli Defense Forces said.

The three men tried crossing into Israel from Egypt near where the Israeli government is building a security fence, The Washington Post reported.

Two soldiers protecting construction were wounded, one critically.

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An Israeli patrol arrived to help thwart the attack, The Post said.

One of the insurgents was wearing explosives around his waist, which detonated during the firefight.

Attacks against Israel are increasing since an uprising in Egypt has left much of the country in disarray, The Post reported.

An Israeli military representative told The Guardian that today’s battle helped stop a terrorist attack planned for Israel.

The other two insurgents were also wearing explosives and flak jackets, according to The Guardian.

An Israeli Defense Force representative said the trio was planning “a very big terrorist attack,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

“No one has been kidnapped, and there are no terrorists in Israeli territory,” Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai told the newspaper.

This is the second significant attack in the Sinai since 16 Egyptian soldiers died last month during armed clashes.

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