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South Africa: Miners Strike Deal, but Official Unions Strike Out


Striking miners outside Lonmin's Marikana mine celebrate after learning they'd received a 22 percent wage increase offer. ( Photo: Reuters )

Strikers at a South Africa platinum mine in Marikana are celebrating the end of a five-week walkout.

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Workers at the Lonmin-owned mine have won a 22 percent salary hike.

Mining strikes have gripped South Africa since last month, when police opened fire on wildcat strikers in Marikana, killing dozens.

The new deal will net Lonmin miners a new salary of up to $1,500 per month.

But mining strikes elsewhere in South Africa continue.

Today police fired tear gas and rubber bullets near an Anglo American Platinum mine called Amplats.

Reporter Gia Nicolaides is in South Africa's mining district where she says miners are bypassing official unions.