2 unarmed Manchester policewomen lured to deaths


Police officers pay their respects as the body of a female officer leaves the scene in Manchester where two female officers were shot today on September 18, 2012. Dale Cregan, 29, has been arrested in connection with the shooting of Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone.


Christopher Furlong

Dale Cregan lured Manchester police into an ambush today, using gunfire and a grenade to kill two unarmed female officers, police said.

Called one of England’s most wanted fugitives, police claim Cregan or an associate called in a bogus burglary that brought 32-year-old Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, 26, to the scene.

“Then he has come out and shot and killed them both,” Chief Constable Peter Fahy told Reuters.

“Certainly, it would appear to be that he has deliberately done this in an act of absolutely cold blooded murder. It’s almost impossible to fathom such an evil act.”

Police wanted Cregan, 29, in connection to another double homicide in Manchester.

They had offered a $80,000 reward (50,000 pounds) for his capture.

Cregan, who only has one eye, turned himself into police after the killings.

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Prime Minister David Cameron called the incident “a shocking reminder of the debt we owe to those who put themselves in danger to keep us safe and secure,” The Independent reported.

Witnesses heard several shots and an explosion.

“Words almost fail me, I want to look beyond the uniform here. We have two young girls who had an absolute right to come home to their families tonight. This is cold-blooded murder,” Greater Manchester Police Federation chairman Ian Hanson said.

“It’s a dark day for GMP, it’s a dark day for policing, it’s a dark day for society.”

England’s police are some of the only unarmed forces in the world.

Many officers don’t carry sidearms, although specific units have started to work with weapons.

Still, there’s little appetite for change.

“Sadly, we know from the experience in America and other countries that having armed officers certainly does not mean sadly that police officers do not end up getting shot dead,” Fahy said.

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