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Zombie apocalypse continues after short hiatus


Zombie apocalypse has returned with a vengeance with attack in Pennsylvania.


Larry W. Smith

Just when we thought we were safe, the zombie apocalypse continues.

This time a Pennsylvania man ran through a Doylestown neighborhood, bloodied and screaming wildly before he found a woman and attempted to eat her head.

According to a local CBS affiliate, the incident occured last week when the 20-year-old suspect Richard Ciminio Jr. got out of his car, stripped down to his underwear and began screaming and running through the streets.

He attempted to break into several houses before finding an unlocked door.

He ran into the home and jumped off the second floor balcony injuring himself.

Bloodied, he ran down the street and encountered two females, one of which he tackled to the ground and began gnawing at her skull.

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During the attack, the man was said to be "screaming like an animal," reported the Associated Press.

When police arrived, Cimino was tasered and was rushed to hospital with severe injuries.

Nobody knows why he did it but bath salts may have played a role.

He's facing a number of charges, including indecent exposure and assault.

The zombie apocalypse continues...