World would elect President Obama


US President Barack Obama



Apparently the world likes President Barack Obama more than his Republican adversary Mitt Romney.

A straw poll, conducted by the CVOTER International/WIN-Gallup International, interviewed 26,000 people in over 30 countries, and found "81 percent ... would support Obama, compared to 19 percent for Romney," according to United Press International.

When those who will actually vote in the coming presidential elections, i.e., Americans, were recently polled, the end result was the same, though Obama won by a far smaller margin.

On Friday Obama had a three-point lead over Mitt Romney, according to a national CBS News/New York Times poll.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll had Obama with a 7-point lead over Romney on Thursday.

Here's a breakdown of the world's if-we-could-vote results via United Press International.

Iceland loves Obama. He won 98 percent. Israel kind of likes Romney. He won 65 percent.

Obama won the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany with 97 percent, and Ireland, Denmark with 96 percent.

Switzerland, France and Finland also love Obama, who won 95 percent in those 3 countries.

Here are some Romney results:

Pakistan (41 percent), Georgia (36 percent), Macedonia (30 percent), China (29 percent), Lebanon (26 percent), Iraq (20 percent), India (19 percent), Colombia (16 percent), Hong Kong (15 percent) and Cameroon (15 percent).