German, British embassies in Sudan attacked


Sudanese policemen stand guard opposite demonstrators during a protest outside the German embassy in Khartoum on September 14, 2012.


Ashraf Shazly

A crowd of thousands attacked German and British consulates in Sudan today, reported Reuters, violence that appears to be part of widening anger over an anti-Islam film made in the US that has in turn inspired growing protest against the West. 

The German Foreign Ministry said it had evacuated its Khartoum premises after parts of the consulate reportedly went up in flames, said CNN.

Demonstrators also ripped down the German embassy's flag and replaced it with an Islamic banner, reported BBC News

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Britain's Foreign Office released a statement confirming "an ongoing demonstration outside the British Embassy in Khartoum," which has reportedly been surrounded by Sudanese police, according to Sky News

However, UK Foreign Office officials were unsure whether the demonstrations in Sudan were a part of widening protests seen over the incendiary anti-Islam film in the region today, said the BBC

Germany's foreign minister called the video "insufferable," but stressed that it didn't justify today's attacks.

"I understand the outrage of the Islamic world because of this anti-Islam hate video," said Guido Westerwelle, as cited by Deutsche Welle. "This video [...] hurts the feelings of millions of believers. I emphatically condemn this video, but it is no excuse for this violence. This violence must end."

Earlier today, Westerwelle told German TV that heightened security had been ordered at German missions in Islamic countries and Germany's troops in Afghanistan warned to be extra vigilant, The Local reported.

The offending video, supposedly part of a forthcoming "Innocence of Muslim" film, was released online with Arabic subtitles ten days ago, sparking outrage in Muslim communities around the world. 

The California-produced video touched off a major protest in Libya on Tuesday that may be associated with an attack on the US embassy there that killed four people, including the US ambassador.