51 killed in bus crash in Afghanistan's Ghanzi: officials


Trucks carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan are parked at the Pakistan's Torkham border crossing after Pakistani authorities suspended NATO supplies on November 26, 2011.



At least 51 people died in a traffic accident in Afghanistan's eastern Ghanzi province today, the Associated Press cited local officials as saying. 

A bus and a fuel tanker crashed along the Kabul-Kandahar highway in a collision that set both vehicles on fire and left at least six people injured, according to BBC News

Provincial police head General Zarawar Zahid told AP that 51 out of the 56 bus passengers were killed.

“It is very sad,” he said, according to AP. “When you see the bodies, some of them are not recognizable.”

Afghanistan's poor road conditions often contribute to deadly road accidents, said BBC