Shinichi Nishimiya: Japan ambassador to China hospitalized

Newly appointed Japanese ambassador to China Shinichi Nishimiya has been hospitalized after collapsing in Tokyo, just two days after being named to the post amid high tensions between the two countries.

Nishimiya, 60, was taken to a hospital because of his "health condition," said the Japanese Foreign Ministry, according to CNN. He was previously a deputy minister for foreign affairs, and is due to replace Japan's current ambassador in Beijing, 72-year-old Uichiro Niwa, in the coming weeks.

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While the Japanese Foreign Ministry didn't disclose further details about Nishimiya's condition or what happened on Thursday, The Japan Daily Press reported that the ambassador is in a Tokyo hospital and remained unconscious Thursday afternoon. 

A passerby saw Nishimiya suddenly faint on a street in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, according to China Daily. Police said he was taken to a hospital shortly afterward.

This week, the Japanese government purchased a set of disputed islands in the East China Sea from a private owner, angering China, reported CNN. The country called the acquisition "illegal and invalid." Chinese authorities said Tuesday they had sent two maritime surveillance ships to waters near the islands, which are currently under Japan's control.