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Police in Malaysia bust car wash offering free sex after the 10th wash


A hybrid brothel and car wash offered customers free sex after their 10th detailing.


Liu Jin

Police busted a car wash in Malaysia this week whose customer loyalty program included free sex after ten washes.

The bizarre rewards program was discovered after police raided the brothel and found loyalty cards on customers.

The somewhat ingenious business saw loyal customers offered free sex from in-house prostitutes after their 10th car wash.

“To get the extra ‘offer’, customers must send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period. The tenth car wash will entitle them to free sex,” said a police officer involved, reported the Malay Mail.

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Those without cars had to pay the full price of between $42 and $58 for the women.

The Truth about Cars reported that the brothel only allowed ethnic Chinese to enter in what was described as discriminatory against the Muslim population.

The police raid saw the arrest of four men and nine Vietnamese prostitutes between the ages of 18 and 28.

Prostitution is illegal in Malaysia.