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31-inch biceps land Moustafa Ismail, Egypt's "Big Mo," place in Guinness Book of World Records


There's a good chance Big Mo's muscles are larger than the Afghan bodybuilder's shown here.


Johannes Eisele

Wow, the Egyptian bodybuilding team really missed an opportunity by rejecting Moustafa Ismail, whose 31-inch arms have now won him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to Yahoo! News.

Rebuffed in his homeland, Ismail took his biceps elsewhere and relocated to the United States in 2007, said the Huffington Post

He continued training in the US and now, 10 years after he first set foot in a gym, the 24-year-old is to be listed in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records set for release on London on Wednesday, reported Yahoo

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OK, so how much can he lift? A whopping 500 pounds. 

And how much spinach does he eat? Uh, none. 

"People always [say] you remind me of Popeye the sailor man, this makes me laugh, the truth is I don't have any spinach in my diet, I can't stand the stuff," the young Egyptian said, reported the Huffington Post.

OK, that's kind of crazy. So what does he eat? A staggering three pounds of chicken, one pound of steak or fish, four cups of almonds, three liters worth of protein drinks, and a full two gallons of water per day, said Yahoo

That's a lot of trips to, say, Costco. But Ismail's got the gas situation covered, owning two petrol stations near his Massachusetts home, said Yahoo

It's also a lot of eating. When does he find time to work out? Apparently from five a.m. until eight a.m., sometimes twice a day, according to Yahoo

"Actually I think my arms are now bigger than the [Popeye] cartoon character," said Ismail, whose father was a wrestler.

Check the photos here and see if you agree.