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Man shoots himself in penis while cleaning gun


Michael Smeriglio, 18, was cleaning a gun when a bullet discharged into his penis and left testicle.



A Florida teenager shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning his new gun.

Police said Michael Smeriglio, 18, learned a painful lesson in gun safety after accidentally shooting himself. The bullet discharged into his penis and left testicle before lodging in his thigh, WTSP-TV reported.

Smeriglio, who is recovering from the ordeal, was so embarrassed that he concocted a bogus story, initially telling police someone fired at him while he was walking outside near his home in Port St Lucie, Florida.

But further questioning from police revealed the wound was self inflicted. 

Smeriglio told police he bought the gun last month at a party.

The New York Daily News reported police who searched his home reportedly found marijuana in the house, which led to the arrest of homeowner Joseph Lamar James, 22, on drug charges.