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The iPhone5 truthiness scale: What's real and what's pure fiction?


Apple will reportedly unveil its next iPhone in late September.

Let the iPhone5 frenzy begin. 

Apple is expected to release the latest version of the iPhone with the iPhone5 on Sept. 12. Rumors have been flying about what magical traits this phone will hold. Before the new device is launched, let's sift through the rumors and, as Stephen Colbert would say, determine their truthiness.

The iPhone5 will come with a new adapter:

It has been long rumored that the iPhone5 will come with a smaller, sleeker adapter. If it is true, it will mark the first time that Apple has changed up its docking station since the 2003.

There are even pictures to back up this rumor. released images showing what is believed to be the new 9-pin dock. theorized that this new design will mean that iPhone users will no longer need to ensure that the connector is the right way up.

Hypothesis: Most likely true. 

The iPhone5 will have a larger screen:

Rumor has it that the Apple will finally upgrade from the traditional 3.5 inch screen to a 4- or 4.1-inch, 1,136 x 640 display that, according to Engadget, "would run legacy titles at their native resolution while supplying more space for the home screen, media and optimized apps." The phone will essentially be taller, not wider, than its predecessors. It may also come with a thinner screen.

Hypothesis: Probably true. 

The iPhone5 will have the brain of an iPad:

According to DigitalSpy, the iPhone 5 may come with the same A5X dual-core processor found in the news iPad. This will offer users a faster performance speed for everything from loading browsers, to gaming apps, because who doesn't need to kill a few Angry Birds a little faster?

But the blog 9to5Mac believes the iPhone5 will be upgraded with a S5L8950X, which they say is a step up from the S5L8945X found in the new iPad. 

Additionally, the guys over at iMore say that the device will be 4G LTE compatible. It is after all the only smartphone left on the market without a 4G LTE option. 

Hypothesis: One of these two processors is happening, so take your pick. 

The iPhone5 will come with a near field payment system:

All it took was one mystery part to make everyone swoon about the idea that the new iPhone would come equipped with an NFC chip. 

An NFC chip allows for anyone to transfer data to another NFC chip-enabled smartphone via a simple tap. This technology could be used for mobile payments or to transfer information to other users. 

But it seems everyone may have been getting ahead of themselves on this one. AppleInsider reported that it obtained new images of the iPhone5, sans NFC chip. Perhaps Apple is holding that update for next time. 

Hypothesis: Dead in the water. No chip for you. 

The iPhone5 will last longer:

Taller, thinner and lasts longer? Where do I sign up?? With all the new upgrades to its internal system, along with a newly redesigned body, many believe that Apple will have to update its iPhone battery life. After a number of disastrous iPhone4s battery reviews, Apple released several software upgrades to help fix the issue. Odds are they won't want that to happen again.

Hypothesis: Maybe true, but it's Apple so who knows if they care about your battery. 

The iPhone5 will have a better camera.

The old iPhone was all business in the front, party in the back when it came to cameras. According to DigitalSpy, the new iPhone will upgrade the front end camera to support high definition face timing. But let's get real, it's so everyone can now take selfies in high def. 

Hypothesis: Instagram users everywhere hope this is true, and it probably is. 

What is the one thing you hope Apple upgrades?