North Korea accepts flood aid from South Korea


A villager looks at a destroyed home after a flash flood swept through Kuandian, near the China-North Korea border in northeast China's Liaoning province on Aug. 21, 2010. Heavy rain sparked serious flooding along the border again this year.



North Korea today accepted an aid offer from South Korea, for the first time under the communist country's new leadership, said Reuters

South Korea last week went through the Korean Red Cross to offer aid to North Korea. "We got a reply back from North Korea this morning" accepting help, South Korea unification ministry spokeswoman Park Soo-jin told CNN today.

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Hundreds have been killed by a devastating typhoon and flooding in North Korea, weather conditions that the South says has severely hurt the impoverished country's harvest yield, according to Reuters. The August Bolaven cyclone left over 20,000 people homeless, according to CNN

The two neighbors are technically at war and relations remain strained. Tensions have increased under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, who took power after his father died.

The North last month also accepted emergency food aid from the World Food Programme, said Reuters