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Coca-Cola company resumes direct business in Myanmar after 60 years


This file picture taken on March 18, 2009 shows bottles of Coca-Cola on the shelves of a store in Beijing.



Coca-Cola, one of America's biggest exports and cultural symbols, is officially back in Myanmar after a 60-year hiatus, Reuters reported.

The beverage-making monolith has sent its first shipment of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light and Sprite soft drinks to the country after US sanctions were lifted ealier this year following reforms.

However, the availability of Coca-Cola products in Myanmar, also known as Burma, won't be anything new. AFP reported that customers in the country, ruled for decades by a military junta, have long had access to Coke products via imports from neighboring countries. But the Coca-cola company has only been able to resume direct business now.

Coca-Cola is working on establishing a partnership with local soft drink company Pinya Manufacturing, according to a press release from the company.

The company added that the marketing campaign for its new presence in Myanmar focuses on the theme phrase "open happiness." The campaign also sets some lofty social goals. "The advertising invites people from Myanmar to open up a Coca-Cola and work together for a better future," Coca-Cola said.