Israel praises Canada, calls on world to cut ties with Iran (VIDEO)


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the weekly cabinet meeting on September 9, 2012 in Jerusalem.


Menahem Kahana/Pool

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Canada’s example and called on the rest of the world to cut ties with Iran, Israel’s prime minister said today.

During remarks to open the weekly cabinet session, Netanyahu said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a “moral, courageous” step by severing diplomatic ties with the Islamist Regime.

“I call on the entire international community, or at least its responsible members, to follow Canada's determined example and set moral and practical red lines in front of the Iranians, lines that will stop the Iranian race to obtain nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said, The Jerusalem Post reported.

On Friday, Canada closed its Tehran embassy and gave Iranian diplomats five days to leave Canada.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird called Iran the single greatest threat to world peace, citing its support of Syria, pursuit of nuclear power and human rights record.

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Iran warned it will respond, and called Canada a pawn of Israel and Britain.

That nation’s Foreign Ministry called Canada’s decision “unprofessional, unconventional, and unjustifiable manner while resorting to misusing international law,” The Canadian Press reported.

Speaking today at the APEC Summit in Vladivostok, Russia, Harper said that nothing would surprise him when it came to Iran’s retaliation.

“Do I anticipate specific actions? No, not necessarily, but as I say, we should all know by now that this is a regime that does not stop at anything,” Harper said, The Vancouver Sun reported. “So that's just the reality of the situation.”

While some questioned Canada’s timing, Baird said there was nothing specific that prompted the move.

“We just felt at this time it is no longer safe and secure to have these Canadians working there and that weighed heavily on me,” Baird said on CTV’s “Question Period” this morning.

Asked if Canada had knowledge of an impending attack on Iran, Baird said no.

“I can confirm that we have no knowledge whatsoever of any outside military action, whether it’s from the United States or from Israel,” he said on the Sunday morning political program.

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