Car bomb rips through Syria's Aleppo, killing 30: reports


Syrians inspect damage at the site of a car bomb in the mainly Druze and Christian suburb of Jaramana on the southeastern outskirts of the Syrian capital on August 28, 2012.



One or more car bombs hit Syria's flashpoint city of Aleppo on Sunday, leaving 30 people dead, the Associated Press reported, citing Syrian state television. More than 60 were injured, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The blast or blasts reportedly took place in a regime-held area of Aleppo, where anti-government rebels and President Bashar al-Assad's forces have been locked in a six-week battle that has effectively partitioned the city.

Syria's state-run media accused "terrorists" of being behind the violence, using a term widely seen as a reference to the rebel movement, said the LA Times

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An Aleppo governor said the attack may have involved several vehicles, according to UPI

China's Xinhua, also citing the Syrian state television, said the explosion or explosions took place near a school that had been turned into a shelter for the displaced. 

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Syria is in the midst of an 18-month uprising against the government that has pretty much devolved into a civil war between the mostly Sunni-led rebel movement and forces loyal to Assad, who is the member of an offshoot Shiite sect.

Violence has reached extraordinarily high levels in the Aleppo, Syria's second-largest city, as both sides vie for control.

The conflict in Syria has taken at least 23,000 lives.