Canada's 'racist' government should expect Iran's response


An Iranian hardline student holds a sign opposed to the BBC during a demonstration in August outside the British Embassy in Tehran to protest against what students called the 'savage' crackdown by British police on rioters in London.



Prime Minister Stephen Harper's 'racist' government could face retaliation after Canada cut diplomatic relations with Iran on Friday, the Middle Eastern nation warned today.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Canada is simply a mouthpiece for Israel and the United Kingdom.

"The current government of Canada under the leadership of Mr Stephen Harper is known for extreme policies in the domain of foreign policy," Mehmanparast said, according to The Globe and Mail.

"The hostile behavior of the current racist government in Canada in reality follows the policies dictated by the Zionists (Israel) and the British."

Iranian representatives said the country would soon respond.

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Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird called Iran the "most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today."

He cited the country's "appalling" human rights, support of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, “military dimensions” of its nuclear program and “anti-Semitic racist rhetoric” as reasons for the sudden decision.

Baird also suggested Iran does little to protect foreign diplomats.

He closed Canada's embassy in Iran and gave Iranian diplomats five days to leave Canada.

In immediate reaction, The Canadian Press reported that an Iranian parliamentarian will not attend a multi-national meeting in Canada late next month.

The Iran-based Fars news agency said Ali Larijani, the Islamic Republic's parliamentary speaker, won't attend a meeting of global parliamentarians.

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