Boy takes gun to school, helps officials uncover weapons cache


A 9-year-old led Mexican officials to a weapons cache thought to belong to drug traffickers.


Christopher Furlong

It's not how crimes normally get solved, but hey, we'll take it. 

A 9-year-old Mexican boy who brought a gun to school with him ended up leading officials to a large gun cache believed to belong to drug dealers, UPI reported

Police were called to the boy's school after his fellow students reported seeing a gun in his backpack.

The weapon, which was loaded, was confiscated, and officials headed to the child's house in the northern city of Hermosillo to search the premises, BBC News reported

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There, they found thousands of rounds of ammunition, pistols and assault rifles, bulletproof vests, and two money-counting machines. according to BBC. They also seized high-caliber cartridges capable of penetrating body armor known as "cop killers," military uniforms, portable radios, and three vehicles, including two armored ones. 

A woman, who is believed to be the youngster's mother, was arrested at the house, but a man managed to escape, UPI reported. 

The boy, thankfully, has been taken into the care of social workers.