Within seconds, the tank blast strikes.
Credit: Tracey Shelton

GlobalPost correspondent Tracey Shelton's powerful images of tank fire killing three rebel fighters in Aleppo, Syria, have drawn strong reactions across the web. We've compiled a selection below that highlights the imagery's power to tell a tragic story and move viewers.

Shelton wrote of her experience capturing the moment:

"On this morning, the men were relaxed and joking around as they cleaned their area from a tank attack the day before. That time, they had been prepared and the tank had fired too short. This time, the assault came with little warning.

"As the cloud of smoke engulfed the street we ran back and frantically waited for the others to escape through the cloud of smoke and debris. But no one came. In that split second, three men were reduced to broken, bleeding masses."

Read the rest of Shelton's account and view the images here.

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