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Musicians Tour the UK on the African Express Train

The Africa Express has been traveling around the UK all week.

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The musicians on board will reach London, their final destination, on Saturday. Life on board has been very relaxed, but also quite focused for the 80 musicians. As they travel, they practice their songs for evening concerts.

One of the carriage's was set up as a rehearsal space and has constantly been busy.

When the Africa Express train stopped it was time for more music.

The African and Western musicians have been attending pop events in community centers, record shops and schools.

Their aim is to raise awareness and bring African music to a new audience.

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    Rehearsals on board the Africa Express, including members of The Very Best, The Temper Trap and The Bots (Credit: BBC News)

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    Rehearsals on board the Africa Express train (Credit: BBC News) (Photo: