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MasterCard for addicts, alcoholics prevents frivolous purchases


MasterCard for addicts doesn't allow users to spend on credit in strip clubs.



MasterCard can buy you anything - except maybe booze and escorts.

A new MasterCard prevents spending on debaucherous endeavors in order to stop alcoholics and drug addicts from wasting their money and acting irresponsibly.

The card was created by Eric Dresdale, a former real estate broker and one-time addict, who struck a deal with MasterCard to produce the card, said

"We've eliminated cash from the equation," said the 28-year-old Dresdale, reported the Sun Sentinel.

"Cash is a big trigger for people."

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Indeed, the "Next Step" card is an attempt at solving the difficult issue of helping addicts support themselves financially while preventing them from not falling back into bad habits.

The Florida Center for Recovery said that the pre-paid card works by not only blocking certain purchases but also stopping ATM withdrawls, all the while allowing family member to track purchases.

Dresdale said that money management for recovering addicts is hugely important.

"Our hope is that they work with the person they get the card for in setting up budgets in different categories," said Dresdale, reported ABC Action News.

The card will be released next week and will be available all over the US.