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Elderly farmer tries to grow flowers, accidentally creates drug plantation


A Colombian anti-drugs police officer checks packages of marijuana, part of a load of five tons seized in the outskirts of Cali, in Colombia's department of Valle del Cauca. Four tons of marijuana were found floating off the coast of California in the Pacific Ocean on May 21, 2012.


Luis Robayo

The neighbors of a Bavarian farmer called police when they noticed about 1,000 cannabis plants on his land, The Local reported. The police knocked on his door, perhaps expecting to find a drug-dealing thug. Instead, they were greeted by a confused, friendly 74-year-old man. "He only wanted a few nice sunflowers," a police spokesman told The Local.

The elderly farmer explained that he wanted to grow sunflowers, but didn't have any seeds. So instead he scattered handfuls of bird food across the field and hoped for the best, Spiegel Online reported. Little did he know that the bird food contained hemp seed. 

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"The friendly elderly gentleman was surprised at the strange plants that had grown next to the flowers," the police report said, NBC reported. The farmer promptly dug up the field while police looked on. The report adds that the cannabis wouldn't actually have been strong enough to get smokers high. 

However, this seemingly funny story ends on a surprisingly dark note: "Nevertheless, the case is being presented to the local prosecutor’s office and a judge will have to decide whether formal charges need to be filed or not," police spokesman Stefan Brabetz told NBC.