A new study found that almost 1 in 5 American women have been victims of rape or sexual abuse.

A woman in Turkey tore her alleged rapist to pieces--literally. The woman, who lived in a small village, said she had been raped and blackmailed by a man for months, Doğan news agency reported. She shot him, stabbed him and then cut off his head and tossed it into the village square. In her police statement, she said that her alleged rapist would have told everyone about her attacks, which would have caused people to insult her and insult her children. "I saved my honor," she said.

She is now five months pregnant with the child of her alleged rapist, and wants to abort the baby "no matter what," according to the Doğan news agency. 

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Turkey has struggled with physical and sexual violence against women. A 2008 survey shows that 42 percent of Turkish women said they had been victims of physical or sexual violence, the Wall Street Journal reported last year. And in 2009, Turkey became the first state that the European Court of Human Rights ruled is failing to protect women from domestic violence. 

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