On Monday, Syria's Information Minister welcomed Lakhdar Brahimi as the new United Nations envoy to Syria, and vowed to give Mr. Brahimi "maximum assistance the way we did with Kofi Annan," his predecessor. Annan quit last month because his peace proposal was largely ignored by all sides. In an interview with the BBC, Brahimi said the task ahead of him is "nearly impossible." He put the burden of the task in very personal terms. "I'm scared of the weight of the responsibility. People are already saying, 'People are dying. What you you doing to help?' And indeed we're not doing much. That, in itself is a terrible weight. There is everything to be scared of," Brahimi said. Of late, the main conflict zones have been in the Syrian cities of Homs and Aleppo. But the capital Damascus has also seen its fair share of fighting as well. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to author and journalist Janine Di Giovanni to get more details. Read More

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