Woman's headless torso found at Niagara Falls


A headless female torso was found near Niagara Falls.


John Moore

A headless female torso has been found in the lower Niagara River. The torso was reportedly found by a passerby near the Rainbow Bridge.

It is now the third case involving a dismembered body in Canada in 2012. 

According to the BBC, police said this incident is not related to a similar case where a woman's limbs were found scattered throughout Toronto earlier this month. 

After preliminary testing, it was determined that the torso belonged to a middle-aged Caucasian woman. The Telegraph reported further detail saying the woman had a pierced navel and had at least one cesarean section and a tubal ligation procedure.

Niagara Police spokesman Constable Derek Watson told Canadian broadcaster CBC, "Over the next few days, as we're able to determine more things, we'll present it to the public to hopefully assist in identifying her."

The police said the case was also unrelated to the death of Jun Lin, a Chinese student living in Canada. Luka Rocco Magnotta was arrested for that crime. Magnotta, a self-described male model and gay porn actor, severed Lin’s hand and foot before mailing them to Canada’s top political parties.