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Tyler Hamilton book says Lance Armstrong a drug mastermind


Tyler Hamilton, left, and Lance Armstrong compete in the Tour de France between Gap and Grenoble, France, on June 12, 2004.



Lance Armstrong orchestrated and pressured cycling teammates to use performance-enhancing drugs during his charge to seven Tour de France victories, Tyler Hamilton says in his new book to be released Sept. 5.

Hamilton revealed many details in “The Secret Race” during a “60 Minutes” appearance last year; however, there are fresh details against Armstrong, The Associated Press reported.

“Lance worked the system,” Hamilton writes, according to the AP, which purchased a copy of the book. “Lance was the system.”

Hamilton, 41, competed alongside Armstrong with the US Postal Service cycling team; he’s also admitted to PED use.

After failed drug tests and suspensions, the Massachusetts native returned the gold medal he won at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

He also testified against Armstrong during a 2011 federal grand jury.

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Among his many claims, Hamilton said Armstrong tested positive for EPO at the 2001 Tour de Switzerland, but the International Cycling Union hid the result, according to the New York Daily News.

The two men also met by chance last year in Aspen, Colorado.

Armstrong confronted Hamilton at a restaurant.

“When you’re on the witness stand, we are going to f---ing tear you apart,” Armstrong said, according to the Daily News. “You are going to look like a f---ing idiot.”

Hamilton co-wrote the book with Daniel Coyle.

He now owns a cycling training business called Tyler Hamilton Training in Boulder, Colorado.

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