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Cat video film festival highlights feline misbehavior, existential crises


Cat film festival in Minnesota sees felines take center stage.


Junko Kimura

Internet videos featuring feline antics have amused and tickled us since the dawn of high-speed internet.

Now they are being celebrated for the pieces of art that they are in a new film festival put on by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis last Thursday.

One of our very own GlobalPost writers was in attendance and reported that the festival was attended by as many as 10,000 cat lovers.

Cat videos tend to be simple commentaries on, well, the feline condition.

Though, one might construe such a festival as an act of absurdity, organizers took a different tack.

According to the Associated Press, they wanted to transform what is essentially a private experience of viewing feline antics and using it as a way to make it a joyful collective experience.

The festival featured all sorts of cat videos from comedy to drama to foreign to musical.

The 7000 entries were nominated and narrowed down, and then put up for various awards, including "lifetime achievement," "people's choice."

The latter was won by "Henri, Paw de Deux."

Time reported that the film noir was about a cat suffering an existential crisis.