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What College Students Really Do During Their Summers

For the Geo Quiz, we're headed to a city of more than 20 million people.

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This city is home to one of China's most famous soccer teams, the Shenhua. Its distinctive Oriental Pearl Tower looks out over a crowded waterfront called the Bund.

This global city is divided by the Huangpu River. The east side is a landscape of modern skyscrapers and hi-rise condos. West of the river, you'll find early 20th century European architecture.

So what's the name of this diverse city where East meets West?

For the answer I asked some US college students who traveled abroad this summer.

First to Shanghai, China (also the answer to Thursday's Geo Quiz), where my friend Erika O'Conor tries her hand at learning Peking opera.

Did you try something fresh or go somewhere new this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

  • erika1.jpg

    Erika at the Shanghai Theater Academy Ready for Her Final Performance! (Photo: Erika O'Conor)

  • Erika2.jpg

    Erika at the Shanghai Theater Academy Getting Ready for Her Final Performance (Photo: Erika O'Conor)