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“Beverly Hills 90210” stars Luke Perry and Jennie Garth together?


Actor Luke Perry and actress Jennie Garth arrive at Chevy Rocks The Future at the Buena Vista Lot at The Walt Disney Studios February 19, 2008 in Burbank, California.


Mark Davis

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Well, 90210 fans finally got what they wanted, even if it took 20 years.

According to the New York Post, it is love at last for "Beverly Hills 90210” characters Dylan and Kelly played by Luke Perry and Jennie Garth.

On the show, Kelly had trouble picking between bad-boy Dylan McKay and nice-guy Brandon Walsh, played by teen heart throb Jason Priestly.

The two actors reportedly "fell in love" after reuniting on a commercial shoot for Old Navy.

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“Since seeing Luke again, Jennie has fallen in love with him and Luke feels the same,” a source told the National Enquirer. “There is an electricity between them that has been revived after all these years. It just happened.”

So inquiring minds want to know, is it really true?

Garth’s representative, Arnold Robinson, said the actors are, and always have been, nothing more than just best buddies.

But as Gawker writes who cares what's actually happening "when you know in your heart this is what should happen?"