100-year-old driver hits 11 people in Los Angeles


Fresh snow blankets the mountains behind the downtown skyline after a series of storms that hammered northern California delivered much needed precipitation to the Greater Los Angeles Area January 7, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. The American Lung Association said that Los Angeles, America's smoggiest city, reduced its pollution - helping push the country to the lowest level of air pollution in 10 years.


David McNew

A 100-year-old man in South Los Angeles slowly backed his car on to a sidewalk just as school was getting out on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. People banged on his window and screamed for him to stop. But he kept going and hit 11 people, including nine kids.

"We lift the car up and start pulling all the kids out,” a witness told CBS.

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"My brakes failed. It was out of control," the driver, Preston Carter, told KCAL-TV.

Four of the children were seriously injured but everyone is expected to survive. Carter otherwise has had a clean driving record and a valid license, the Los Angeles Times reported. In fact, his license wasn't supposed to expire until 2013, despite the fact that he is turning 101 in September.